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Great Deals on our "Nexen Tyres" with a lifetime warranty.

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Your Lifetime Guarantee

Thank you for choosing Nexen tyres. Your tyres have been manufactured to high standards and we’re so confident in our product, that we’ll guarantee them for the whole life of the tyre or until the tread depth reaches 2mm.

If a Nexen tyre develops a suspected manufacturing fault during normal motoring, your dealer will repair it or fit a new Nexen tyre. Charging you only for the tread used, replacement valves and corrective balance if required.


  • Optimum braking response.
  • High quality construction and tread designed for a
    longer life.
  • High rubber contact with the road for dry handling.
  • Deep directional grooves disperse water effectively for excellent wet handling.
  • Less tread noise for a more comfortable ride.
  • Excellent value for money.
  • No-hassle, lifetime guarantee.

For further information please see the Nexen

Terms and Conditions

This lifetime guarantee applies solely to Nexen tyres and will be honoured only at the Dealer where the tyre was originally fitted.
This lifetime guarantee is valid for the lifetime of the tyre provided there is a minimum tread depth of 2 millimetres across the central ¾ of the entire circumference of the tyre. Work will only be carried out upon production of the original receipt and this fully completed leaflet.
Tyres are covered for suspected manufacturing faults due to normal motoring.
Any tyre that can be repaired within the limits of the current BSAU 159 “minor damage standard” will be
repaired free of charge.
Tyres with a suspected manufacturing fault or tyres irreparably damaged will be replaced at the following rates:
It is conditional for the application and maintenance of this lifetime guarantee that a new tubeless valve is fitted and a corrective wheel balance carried out at the time of fitting, repair or replacement of the tyre. These services are chargeable.
This lifetime guarantee is transferable with ownership of the vehicle.
Tyres that fail due to criminal or malicious damage, vandalism, improper use, fire, theft, use in competitive sport, road accident, mechanical defect (such as incorrect alignment), repair by another garage or incorrect tyre pressures are excluded from this lifetime guarantee.
This lifetime guarantee is not available to taxis, vehicles used for private hire or driving schools.
This lifetime guarantee excludes 4x4, run flat and commercial tyres.
This lifetime guarantee is invalid if the tyre is removed or repaired by any other company or individual.
This lifetime guarantee is in addition to your statutory consumer rights, which are unaffected.

Brand Tyres

We stock a wide range of branded tyres on our shelf – please call us for stock enquiries and prices.

Your Tyres
Tyres are one of the most critical and essential safety components of your vehicle.
The condition of your tyre should be checked regularly, inflation to the  correct pressure could save you
money by increasing your mileages by up to 3%.
If you are in any doubt we will be happy to inspect your tyres for you for free.
We supply and stock  tyres for all makes of cars to suit a wide variety of budgetary requirements.
Our prices are very competitive and are inclusive, with no hidden extras.
We also deal with special order tyres if you have a requirement for a specific tyre we will do our best to source
it for you at a competitive price.

Things to look out for

  • Uneven wear across the tyre this could indicate a problem with the inflation of your tyre or the
    mechanical alignment of the tyre.
  • Steering wheel wobble/vibration at high speed, can also indicate a problem with the balancing of the
    tyre or alignment/ tracking of the vehicle.

We have range of high tech equipment including the latest computer guided alignment system to help us quickly resolve any problems with your vehicle while you wait.

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We are able to fix a puncture while you wait.
If we do not have your tyre in stock on the shelf we will do our best to order the tyre

Special Order Tyres

Don't see the tyre you are looking for ?, call us or email us, we are happy to quote for special orders. We'll
always do our upmost to get you the cheapest price.


If you are unsure of how much you want to spend on your tyres then please give us a call and we are happy
to quote you prices for budget, midrange and branded tyres and then let you decide what works best. We
always work hard to provide competitive prices for all of our customers especially ones having 4 tyres changed.