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We at Top Tread are air conditioning specialists with 15 years’ experience, the latest equipment to help your car / van perform efficiently. We have fully trained staff to guarantee that your vehicle is well looked after.

Most cars that we see on the roads are found to be fitted with air conditioning; this system is used to help control the temperature within a car not only in hot weather but also in cold.

Other parts that assist our cars to operate efficiently need servicing; air conditioning is a system that too requires to be serviced, frequently.

The air conditioning servicing needs to be recharged with gas and lubricant. This is advised by the car manufacturer, however it is not part of a standard service, but is required if your vehicle is over 2 years old. Failing to service the Air Con system can result in the following :

  • Poorer fuel economy
  • Internal corrosion caused by air or moisture reacting with refrigerant component or system failure.

We offer a complete air-conditioning service including:

  • Pre check and system leak test
  • Gas recovery, lubrication and recharge
  • Final leak test
  • Performance temperature check
  • Includes all labour, gas and lubricant

Call Salim to find out more about how we can help keep your vehicles air conditioning working as it should.

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